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New office: Herengracht 520

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A fantastic tree wasn’t exactly on our criteria list for our new office but eventually made us decide for this location. The building is a monument and shows the beauty of it’s age in all details. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work in this environment. A perfect place to get inspiration for further development of GreenIntelli. Feel free to contact us if you want to visit us.

RealNewEnergy Strategic Partnership

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Real NewEnergy is expanding its consulting practice with GreenIntelli. Developed by QVS Consulting in Amsterdam, GreenIntelli is a Sustainability Performance Management application that registers sustainability data, controls the data collection process and facilitates sustainability reporting. Many publically traded companies are starting to see the trends in adhering to sustainability reporting. In many cases, these companies lack the expertise to determine Key Performance Indicators, aggregate that data and report findings in a meaningful way. It is with this need in mind that GreenIntelli was developed using such frameworks like the Global Reporting Initiative and the World Resource Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol built into the platform. QVS has completed a successful pilot of GreenIntelli with Tommy Hilfiger Europe and is currently implementing a broader scope of KPIs, functionality and operations.

Through a collaboration with Real NewEnergy, QVS Consulting can now add the business analytics expertise of determining sustainability KPI’s to the IT project management and implementation of the GreenIntelli tool. Real NewEnergy will also be integral in pursuing the U.S. market for the GreenIntelli platform. This collaboration will provide an integrated solution for future clients and an enhanced expansion plan for the GreenIntelli tool.

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