Our Approach

Truly sustainable organizations are organizations that have taken sustainability as the starting point of their existence. It is much harder for existing organizations to become sustainable. We have developed a methodology for effective sustainable development and called it the STAR methodology. The STAR Methodology for Sustainable Development is a methodology to structure an organization’s change towards sustainable behaviour. The STAR Methodology can be used to develop organizational sustainability. It contains 5 main process perspectives PREPARE, DEFINE, DEPLOY, REGISTER and REPORT.  This methodology has been the foundation for the design of GreenIntelli software.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development


PREPARE phase: Sustainability Strategy, Approach, Performance Management, Accountability and Reporting
DEFINE phase: Sustainability Performance Management Model, Organisation, KPIs, Data sources & requirements and Meta data
DEPLOY phase: Strategy & Objectives, Approach, Definitions, Control process and Architecture
REGISTER phase: Data collection process, Period management, Conversion, Audit trail and History
REPORT phase: Aggregation and Consolidation, Visualize, Analyze and Communicate

Where we can add value

We can support you to create a clear view on the required elements for effective Sustainable Development. Upfront all elements will be discussed content wise which supports embedding the elements into the deployment to your organization. After this we can support you to make a roadmap for Sustainable Development.

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