Our Approach

Defining a Sustainability Strategy is not so easy. In our experience it is crucial to find the intersections between the organisation’s (core) characteristics and current strategy before a Sustainability Strategy can be defined. Once a clear end game has been visualized, guidance needs to be given to the organization and this is best done by setting clear objectives and targets. Additionally the path to be taken needs to be detailed so that insight is provided about the future journey. And finally, in order to keep control on your journey, intermediate checkpoints have to be defined which can be tracked and reported along the way.

Sustainable Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

STRATEGY: definition of Strategic Intersections, Sustainability Vision/Mission, Stakeholder groups, Materiality and (long term) Objectives
APPROACH: definition of Focus Area’s, Stakeholder approach, Management approach, Key measures and Targets
PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: definition of KPIs, PDCA cycle, Data sources, Data collection processes and Performance Appraisal process
ACCOUNTABILITY: definition of RACI matrix, Remuneration variables, Roles & Responsibilities, Performance Managerial Remuneration and translation of targets into Remuneration values
REPORTING: definition of Sustainability Frameworks & Indexes, Internal & External reporting requirements, Data quality requirements, Performance visualization and Stakeholder communication

Where we can add value

We can support you to define all key elements for a solid Sustainability Strategy. Via management workshops the strategy will be defined or adjusted according to the strategic intersections of your core and sustainability strategy. After this we can support to define the best approach to fulfil your strategy and to define all organizational pre-requisites to achieve your strategic objectives. Last but not least we can advice on external reporting scope choices and stakeholder communication.

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