Our Approach

Global Reporting Initiative took, about 15 years ago, the first step towards comparable Sustainability Reporting. They have created a reporting framework that can be used by any organization (small and large), to report on Economical, Environmental and Social impact of the organization (goto globalreporting). A comprehensive set of KPIs and reporting guidelines has been defined. Now, across the world, the GRI Guidelines has become the world’s leading standard for Sustainability Reporting.

A next step is to manage Sustainability Performance within an organization and for this purpose GreenIntelli has been designed. QVS Consulting (goto qvs) has taken the GRI framework as a basis and developed GreenIntelli using their experience of Financial Consolidation, Management Reporting, Performance Management and Business Intelligence systems, Sustainability and Change Management and combined this with specific requirements for Sustainability Performance Management and Reporting. Our design principles are simplicity, adaptability, scalability, compliance and user experience. GreenIntelli software allows organizations to:

DEFINE their KPIs, organisational structures and supporting master data

DEPLOY it within their organisation, to other organisations and within their IT landscape

REGISTER sustainability data via a centrally controlled data collection process

REPORT and analyze their sustainability performance from multiple reporting perspectives and visualizations

GreenIntelli software

GreenIntelli sustainability software platform delivers standard content to your users and can easily be adapted to your requirements and situation. It has been designed to fit the needs of any medium-sized to large organization, independently of the maturity of Sustainability Performance Management and Reporting. GreenIntelli software can be delivered as a Cloud application (SaaS) and can be implemented as Client-Server application within your IT landscape (CotS).

The Cloud application can be provided as a public and private cloud application, both with secured access and authorized data. No hardware or software is required. Pricing is based on a subscription contract. The Client-Server application will be implemented into your IT architecture. This option will facilitate easy integration with your existing central data warehouse and back-end systems. Pricing is based on a license contract and implementation fees. Both options are equal with respect to the implementation activities for deployment within your organization(s).