Our mission is to help organizations become more sustainable. We do this by providing knowledge, solutions and tools that support organisations to make the change. We operate globally and our clients are large and medium sized organizations that share our objective to be more sustainable.





QVS Consulting

The GreenIntelli software platform has been designed and developed by QVS Consulting in the Netherlands. QVS Consulting is an independent management consultancy firm that specialises in Finance, Business Intelligence and Sustainability for large organizations and multinationals. QVS Consulting has combined their knowledge and experience of Financial Consolidation & Reporting, Management Reporting, ERP, Business Intelligence and Sustainability to develop a Sustainability Performance Management platform, named GreenIntelli. QVS Consulting has a track record of business improvement projects and change management and this greatly benefits the design, the continuous development and implementation of GreenIntelli.


Real NewEnergy is a US based integrated sustainable energy company combining their sustainability expertise into projects, technology and consulting. Their knowledge and experience supports further development of GreenIntelli and Real NewEnergy Consulting will be integral in pursuing the U.S. market for the GreenIntelli platform. This collaboration will provide an integrated solution for future clients and an enhanced expansion plan for GreenIntelli.


Indepth Strategies

‘A new perspective can make a world of difference’. Indepth Strategies is a US based Strategy Consulting firm headed by Nathalie Udo, co-author of ‘Organizational Survival, Profitable Strategies for a Sustainable Future’. To survive and prosper, corporations need to become sustainable. It is within the power of organizations, companies, businesses, and the like to create hope for a bright and wholly sustainable future while also providing value and profit.