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GreenIntelli is a global provider of sustainability software and sustainability development services. 


GreenIntelli is a Sustainability Performance Management and Reporting Software platform for large and medium sized organisations.


We can help you to sharpen your Sustainability Strategy and to accelerate Organizational Sustainability Development.

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"GreenIntelli has provided us with powerful tools to track, manage and report against our sustainability KPI’s efficiently and effectively. GreenIntelli is straight-forward to use and offers the flexibility to adapt to our organizational needs for our future sustainability initiatives."

− Justin Pariag, Corporate Responsibility, Tommy Hilfiger





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Sustainability Reporting

Reporting externally on your Sustainability Performance has been made easy in GreenIntelli. Duplication of data gathering and data consolidation for different external reporting purposes is no longer needed. GreenIntelli supports reporting on different frameworks simultaneously by combining multiple reporting perspectives on the same data. GreenIntelli has been certified for GRI G4 Sustainability Guidelines (2014-2017), mapping to any of the different sustainability frameworks is standard functionality. 

Carbon Management

Measuring GHG emissions is a challenging process because different conversion processes are required. GreenIntelli has been reviewed by the GHG Protocol and received the ‘Built on GHG Protocol’ status. Once your carbon related KPIs have been set up, GreenIntelli will enable you to manage your GHG performance within your organization, while aggregating all GHG emissions for external GHG reporting. 

Sustainability Performance Management

Integration of different internal reporting perspectives is complicated because of the different requirements for each perspective and interdependancies with underlying data structures. By the introduction of the Sustainability Performance Management Model, this has been solved in GreenIntelli. Once the reporting perspectives have been set up, the same data will serve different internal (and external) reporting perspectives where multiple organizational views are consolidated and additional dimensions (below KPI performance) can be analysed. And yes, in case your reporting perspectives change, the underlying data structure do not need to be changed. 

Easy to customize, straightforward to use

The world is already complex enough and managing sustainability did not make it easier. GreenIntelli software has been designed to adapt fully towards your situation and requirements while keeping the user experience simple and straightforward.

Integrated and multi purpose

Integration is key according to our experience to keep non value activities as low as possible. GreenIntelli software is build for integrating multiple uses on the same platform without adding complexity or compromising functionality. The same platform is used for multiple performance management and reporting purposes with a single (lowest level) data set.

Cost effective

Saving costs is realized by elimination of non value added activities and prevention of errors. Within GreenIntelli all functionality has been designed to prevent double workload on data gathering, consolidation and reporting. Prevention of errors is realised by underlying workflows, preventing undesired activities. And, yes indeed, we made our pricing as sustainable as possible.

Get ready to improve your Sustainability Performance Management and Reporting

GreenIntelli software has been designed to support large and medium sized organisations in any maturity level of Sustainability Performance Management and Reporting.
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