Look and Feel

The look and feel of the GreenIntelli platform has been completely redesigned and redeveloped. All application interactions have been improved to make it more straightforward for the users. Automatic master data creations have been added and validations have been improved.

Multi Reporting Values and multi Consolidation values

Multiple Reporting Unit of Measures and multiple Consolidation Unit of Measures have been introduced as of version 2.0. This means that you can define a primary Unit of Measure for reporting, a primary Unit of Measure for Consolidation but also alternatives for both. Of course conversion is taking into account for the alternative Units of Measures.

Interactive dashboarding

Dashboarding is supported interactively. This means that the dashboard is directly changing when selecting parts of the visuals within the dashboard. This is especially convenient to analyze your underlying KPI performance, according to the 10 Additional Dimensions.

GRI G4 Sustainability Guidelines

GRI G4 Sustainability Guidelines is delivered as standard content. Most organizations will use a selection of GRI KPIs but will also define their own KPIs aligned with the organizations’ strategy. The KPI definitions consist of KPI Header data that is used to define your consolidation and reporting level and KPI Sub item data to define your data collection and compilation process.

WRI GHG Protocol

Currency and Unit of Measures conversion allow you to use a Unit of Measure for data collection in parallel with a Unit of Measure to report a KPI’s performance. Each organization can make use of their local unit of measure and GreenIntelli will convert this for reporting. The conversion structure is aligned with the WRI GHG protocol to allow for additional variables used for conversion, such a country or region.

GreenIntelli Cloud offering

GreenIntelli software is available as Cloud offering as of version 2.0. A private Cloud server can be provided to have you up and running with a dedicated GreenIntelli cloud application. No dedication needed? Then you can start right away in our public version. So no more investment needed to get you started. And, in case you might get worried about data privacy, your data is safe with us.