GreenIntelli receives ‘Built on GHG Protocol’ mark

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GreenIntelli Built on GHG Protocol

We are pleased to announce that we have passed the review of the WRI GHG Protocol and received the ‘Built on GHG Protocol’ mark. GreenIntelli’s functionality for Carbon Management and GHG reporting now formally adheres to the global standard WRI GHG Protocol. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries related to Carbon Management and GHG reporting.


GreenIntelli is GRI G4 Certified software

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The certification process for GRI G4 has been completed just before the holiday season. GRI G4 Certified Software means that GRI’s G4 Sustainability Guidelines are implemented in GreenIntelli or differently, GreenIntelli Sustainability Performance Management and Reporting fully adheres to the GRI G4 Sustainability Guidelines. GreenIntelli includes all specifics out of the GRI G4 framework and we have developed specific GRI G4 functionality to enable the GRI G4 reporting process. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries related to the GRI G4 Sustainability Guidelines or a GreenIntelli demo.


GSS 2013 – Abundance Intelligence Panel – A Systems Approach

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Thanks Global Action Plan and Nashville for having us at your conference. It has been great to present GreenIntelli as part of the Global South Summit this year. The plans and ideas around solving global food and health issues have certainly motivated us to further develop GreenIntelli for the support of Sustainability Supply Chain Management issues.

And thanks to all participants of the panel discussion – Abundance Intelligence – A Systems Approach. It was good to share views and visions around Big data and data structures to support Sustainability Performance Management and Reporting. From left to right: Greg Kandankulam, Program Manager, Real New Energy and GreenIntelli; Erik Euwe, Managing Partner QVS Consulting, Founder GreenIntelli; Mark Dean, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering, University of Tennessee, former CTO, IBM; Ray Rodriguez, Ph.D., Director, Global Healthshare Initiative ; Moderator: Cynthia H. Barbera, Executive Editor, Global Action Report, Founding Leadership Committee, Global South Summit (not visible on the picture).


GreenIntelli at Global Action Platform

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GreenIntelli’s new version will be pre-released on the Global Action Platform Summit in Nashville. World leaders gather to build the Global Action Platform – Creating Abundance through Innovation for Food, Health, and Prosperity.

The Global South Summit is an annual forum held in Nashville Tennesee USA, to align cross-sector perspectives and to create, guide and facilitate leadership initiatives. Senior-level participants include business leaders, research scientists, global agencies, NGO directors, committees and Summit Fellows. Events, conferences and outreach activities are also held throughout the year, to help facilitate program goals.

GreenIntelli will be participating within the panel Abundance Intelligence: A Systems Approach. Directly after the panel discussion there will be a GreenIntelli demo session.

GreenIntelli implementation at Tommy Hilfiger Europe

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For Tommy Hilfiger we have completed the GreenIntelli implementation project. Based on the GreenIntelli pilot project executed in 2012, we have extended and completed the implementation with the full sustainability scope of Tommy Hilfiger Europe.

GreenIntelli is a Sustainability Performance Management & Reporting platform that registers sustainability data, controls the data collection process and facilitates sustainability reporting (internal and external). GreenIntelli runs on any ‘standard’ Business Intelligence technology and therefore integrates with your Business Intelligence architecture, is very flexible to customer specific set ups, can easily be implemented and is cost effective. This allows you to focus on your sustainability performance!

If you want to know more about GreenIntelli, or you want a demonstration, feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Started certification process for GRI G4

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We have started the certification process with Global Reporting’s new G4 Sustainability Guidelines. Expectation is that we will deliver according to GRI G4 requirements before the end of the year. Also preparing GreenIntelli for WRI GHG Protocol review for the Built on GHGP mark status.

New office: Herengracht 520

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A fantastic tree wasn’t exactly on our criteria list for our new office but eventually made us decide for this location. The building is a monument and shows the beauty of it’s age in all details. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work in this environment. A perfect place to get inspiration for further development of GreenIntelli. Feel free to contact us if you want to visit us.

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